AGM 2014

2015/6/4 20:23

AGM Northside & District Minor Hockey May 29, 2014

Meeting brought to order by Gordie McGean.

Welcome everyone. Hopefully we can get this meeting done quickly while taking care of business.
Gordie started off with the jobs of the board members.

  • Joe Peck: Atom A Coach & Novice Co-ordinator.
  • Curtis Fraser: Development Co-ordinator.
  • Richard Hannem: Treasurer & Coach
  • Sheri Campbell: Equipment Cordinator & Midget Co-ordinator.
  • Cheryl Rendell: Secretary, 50/50 Co-ordinator, Tournament Chairperson.
  • John Hardy: Vice President
  • Bev Swan: Registrar, Novice Off Ice Co-ordinator.
  • Daryl Baxendale: Female Co-ordinator
  • Rosemary Murrin: Certification Co-ordinator.


  • Shane Ryan: Atom Co-ordinator (sickness in family)
  • Sherisse Billard

Motion to close registration by Greg Jessome. 2nd by Billy Lanningan.

Minutes from the 2013 AGM & all reports from Board Members are on the website. 

Motion to accept by Greg Jessome & 2nd By John Hardy.

Gordie did read the President report which is also on the website.

2014 Year End Awards:

  • Manager of the Year: Sheri Campbell
  • Trainer of the Year: Jason Chapman
  • Volunteer of the Year: Bev Swan
  • Coach Of the Year: Richard Hannem.
  • Long Term Service Award of 15 Years or more:
    • Urban Day & Gordie McGean.


  • Midget & Equipment Reports given by Sheri Campbell.
  • Registrars Report given Bev Swan also Off Ice report.
  • Novice Report given by Joe Peck.
  • Tournament Reports, & 50/50 Ticket Report given by Cheryl Rendell.
  • Pee Wee & Bantam Reports given by Charlie Johnson.
  • Development Report given by Curtis Fraser.
  • Female Report given by Daryl Baxendale.
  • Coaching Certification given by Rosemary Murrin.
  • Ice Allocator: Carla gave her report.

Dicussion on Novice Ice Times,4pm practices rather than 6am. This is something the Board will have to look at in the fall.

Shane Ryan’s is on the website.

Richard went over the Financial.

Motion to accept all reports by Peggy MacDonald. 2nd by Ashley Gale.

All in favor, motion carried.

Archie Nicholson asked if we would have Bantam AA next year? We don’t know yet. That never came from here. Until it is proven that we can’t compete we will continue to do the same. Discussion on levels of the pisions took place.

New Business:

Gordie gave update on restructuring & the cost of travel with hockey. 

No Atom AAA, AA the highest.

There will be “C” Teams – League Champions. The Provincials at the Top levels only (AAA).

AA – B there will be a Day of Champions. It will be 1 day with 1 game North Conference is from here to Amherst.

Has been a hard time trying to get associations to host Provincials. This format there is no cost to the associations.

Fred Howard addressed the travel & costs.

Will Pee Wee B remain next year? We will have to see after registration  and see then.

Fred congratulated everyone on their awards and also to Blair Mackenzie, Charlie Johnson, & Shane Ryan for jobs on scheduling.

Our Association for being Association of the Year.

Election of Officers:

Peggy MacDonald accepted then removed name before vote.

Blaine Penny, Charlie Johnson, Daryl Baxendale, Lyndon Johnston, Gordie McGean, Joe Peck, John Hardy, Troy Jenkins, Mike Bishop, Blair MacKenzie, Lisa Jenkins, Suzanne Williams (declined), Cory Hull (declined), Archie Nicholson (declined), Terry Higgins (declined)

Nominations Closed.

New Board Members: 37 Ballots plus 1 Spoiled.

Daryl Baxendale, Blaine Penny, Joe Peck, John Hardy, Gordie McGean, Troy Jenkins, Mike Bishop.

Motion to destroy Ballots by Greg Jessome, 2nd by Billy Lannigan.

Executive Member Elections:


Curtis Fraser: Declined
Rosemary Murrin: Accepted
Gordie McGean: Declined
John Hardy: Declined
Any more nominations for President, hearing none, Rosemary Murrin is our President.

Vice President:

John Hardy: declined
Joe Peck: Accepted
Daryl Baxendale: Declined
Joe Peck is the Vice President


Richard Hannem: Accepted
Richard Hannem is our treasurer.


Cheryl Rendell: Accepted
Cheryl Rendell is our Secretary.

Motion to adjourn by Billy Lannigan.

New Board to remain for a few minutes.

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