Equipment Report - 2014-2015

2015/6/5 3:08

Equipment 2014 – 2015

Thirteen teams were outfitted with Vikings jerseys this season.  Not counted this year, again, are our Atom C teams.  The Atom C teams were part of the AtoMc program sponsored by Mcdonalds.  This program provides jerseys, socks, coaching material, toques, towels, etc.  The jerseys are crested with the Vikings crest but are the players to keep at the end of the season; these jerseys are not owned by NSDMH. 

A new set of Bantam jerseys were purchased this year.   As most teams know there are some sets of jerseys that have reached or are reaching their limit.  I will check each set before next season and make recommendations.  All returned jerseys came in with name bars removed and, for most teams, in the same condition as when issued.  There has been some issue with unreturned individual jerseys.  A few have managed to leave the rink with players. As of submitting this report I am still awaiting the return of 5 jerseys.  There has also been 2 jerseys damaged (not fixable) due to being left with players.  In keeping with the policy of NSDMH jerseys are NOT to be given to players to keep for the season.    

Each team was given a first aid kit this year.  We purchased 6 new first aid kits this year to add to those bought perviously.  Pucks were purchased at the start of the season for all teams and additional blue (lighter) pucks were purchased later in the season for the Novice division.  A few coaches requested pylons; however the supply of pylons and other equipment in the future may depend on the cost associated with unreturned items.  Unfortuatly it has shown to be difficult to collect the additional equipment items back from the teams.

Thank You
Sheri Campbell, Equipment Manager.




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