Risk Management Report - 2015-2016

2016/5/5 4:06

 Risk Management/Certification Report


Sheri Campbell




 Summary of NSDMH certification costs…


Child Abuse Registry Check                        No charge for volunteers
Criminal Record Check                    No charge for volunteers
4 Community Coach/Intro Coach   @ $111.79
10 NCCP/ Development 1                            @ $141.77
10 HU-Safety                                     @ $46.00
1 No show clinic                               @ $25.00

Total payment to HNS after adjustments $2349.86

There are additional costs for those coaches and dressing room monitors who were required to take the Respect in Sport Coach/Volunteer online course, these individuals would have submitted their receipts to the office.  I have no final number of submissions at the time of this report…


*** HNS’s coach/volunteer certification requirements can be found on their website under Minor Hockey.  A link to HNS can be found on our Home Page.


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