AGM Minutes - 2016

2017/5/23 19:54

Annual General Meeting for NSDMH
June 7, 2016

Meeting brought to order by Joe Peck. Motion by Gordie McGean to close registration 2nd by Charlie Johnson.  All in favor, motion carried.
Joe introduced everyone at the head table.
Coordinator Reports:
All reports are on the Website.  They were briefly given.
Midget report was given by Mike.
Bantam report was given by Charlie.
President report was a lengthy one given by Joe.
Female report was given by Darryl.  Also a reminder given about the meeting at the Civic Center |June 13th at 6:30 on the female hockey.
Registrar report given by Carla
267 returning players (approx) 215 Males   17 Females
Novice:  63
Atom:    45 (43 Skaters & 2 Goalies)
Peewee: 41 (37 Skaters & 4 Goalies)
Bantam: 62 (57 Skaters & 5 Goalies)
Midget:  68 (62 Skaters & 6 Goalies)
Carla also went over the cost of insurance and coaches courses.
We lose players to the High School Team.
Some players will age out.
But we should gain new players in Novice.
Financial Report given by Gordie
Current:                    Assets:  170,463.00
Ticket Credits payable:            70,263.00
Accumulated Surplus:            100,200.00

Revenue:                                 668,071.00
Expenses:                                642,283.00
Excess Revenue:                        25,788.00

Net Assets Beginning:               74,412.00
Excess Revenue:                        25,788.00
Net Assets Year End:              100,200.00
Receipts:                                  478,420.00

Gordie went over every page of the statement.
Richard explained in detail for everyone to understand the process he and his company does to process the financial statement.

Gordie explained about fund raising and how dangerous it can be.  Maybe release letters for fundraising in certain situations.  Ticket credits use to go back to the teams not the players.  When we use to host provincials we would have to go to the people to see ads for the program.
Cheryl explained how much work that was and how important it was to cover the cost of being the Host Team.
Registration will be August 23-24th
Joe suggested early Registration would allow a free 3 on 3 or something to be on the ice earlier.
There was a discussion as to whether or not there should be A or AAA.  The New Board needs to look at this for the upcoming season.
Michelle Brown said we should be AAA on the island because no one wanted to play us last year.  But once we leave the island we are not competitive.
Carla explained about the Provincial Scale of A or AAA.
Alex Johnson explained AAA and how we did win.  And in Provincials winning a game here and there.
Alex said if he gets the Team and it is triple A and he has to take 7 outsiders to make his team he will have to take them for that level.  You are forcing him to cut your players for better players.
Peggy MacDonald said Peewee is taking over this meeting.  By going AAA you are allowing outside players to try out.
Shane Ryan: He said we give 18 players the chance to win Provincial Champs.  Again he explained about Peewee and the levels.  Explaining about how this Peewee A team developed.
Parent discussion on the Peewee, then that was enough.  It was taking over the meeting.
Debbie MacLean asked if there was a possibility of having more than one checking clinic going into Bantam.  She was told that coaches of any team can do more checking in their practices.
Body checking Clinic must be done by a certified coach for on ice checking clinic.  Registered players with HNS.
Need more that 1 hour clinic for the players.  If more than one clinic is needed we will have to look at that.  Coaches are to follow up with their own teams.
It was suggested that maybe a Team be picked then a coach.  Where to find and independent body that could pick a team.
Carla Handed out the Awards
Volunteer of the year:  Roschelle Clarke
Manager of the year:  Shane Ryan
Trainer of the year;   Michelle Lawless
Coach of the year:    Troy Ferneyough
Rep Coach of the year:  Scott MacMullin
Long term service:   Joe Peck

Minor Midget 1st year.  One team of the island (Cape Breton Zone).

Question asked about the Bank of Nova Scotia.  Why can some people donate and others not.  It was explained that we refrain from soliciting businesses because of our ticket draw.  Maybe we could look at putting names is a hat for a couple of recipients.
Peggy stated that the policies and procedures are on line for everyone to read.
Scotia Bank would not give the money if it wasn’t going to a team.
Maybe look at Donations without letters.
Joe said that the new board would have to look into that.
Fred Howard the Regional Director of Cape Breton spoke on the Novice Program and how it will be revamped.  Bill Short will make presentations on the changes.  Not to say that Intermediate and Advancing will not play games.  Maybe 2 practices and 1 game.
Joe spoke on the ½ ice, explaining it to the attending parents.  The benefits for the players.  Our Association has no problems with ice rentals.  That is not the benefit of the ½ ice.
Goalie Development: Is very well received from the attending goalies and parents involved.
Jacqueline Seymour suggested a Face Book Site, Cheryl answered that we had spoke of an information Face Book page.  The new board would have to look into it.  Something to work along with the website.
Rosemary Murrin tried to explain about soliciting for the treat bags.  Sometimes players end up on teams for what they can get.  It has happened in the past.
We could sponsor a team.  Make an application.  Joe explained the procedure.
Fred Howard finished explaining about the team.  How the ages work. Some 15 year olds, some 16 year olds (4) and maybe some with bad birthdays Sept. to Dec.
Deadline for this application is June 24th 4pm
Minor Elite Midget Hockey.  All associations need to get together and come up with a plan.
Over Age Midget: Birthdays Sept 1-Dec 31 and still in school.
Only Midget B & C.  Rest of the criteria stays the same; Nov 15th is the latest for those applications
2 Deep method will be enforced.  HNS will not let this go.
Looking for a cheaper registration for these volunteers.  They will need Respect in Sport.
Criminal Record Checks
Child Abuse Registry Check


Election of Officers
Up f or Election:
Joe Peck
Daryl Baxendale
Gordie McGean
Blaine Penny
Mike Bishop
Troy Jenkins
John Hardy


Cheryl Rendell
Sheri Campbell
Shane Ryan
John MacPhee
Harold Marsh
Peter Keagan
Scott MacMullin
Charlie Johnson

After completion of Election of Officers, Gordie made a motion to destroy Ballots 2nd by Charlie.  All in favor motion carried.

Re-elected to the Board:
Joe Peck
Mike Bishop
Jason LeFrense
Gordie McGean
Blaine Penny
John Hardy
Troy Jenkins


Election of the Executive:

President Joe Peck and John Hardy.  After accepting the nomination Joe changed his mind.  John Hardy then the President

Vice President: Joe Peck and Mike Bishop.  Charlie refused nomination.  Mike then backed out, Joe accepted the position.

Treasure: Gordie McGean ( no other nominations)

Secretary: Cheryl Rendell ( no other nominations)

New Board asked to stay for a few minutes after meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Bernadette LeFrense.


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