Evaluation Report 2016-2017

2017/5/25 1:03

Evaluation Report 2016/2017

Evaluations for team selections for NSDMHA were held in September and October thanks to a number of volunteers who ran on-ice sessions and worked as evaluators for divisions from atom through midget. All players trying out for rep teams were given the opportunity for a pre-skate warm up session, followed by a skills and drills session, and then a minimum of two scrimmage games before releasing any players. Most divisions players had three scrimmage games, and some four games, before players were released and/or teams were selected. The number of games depended on how many players were trying out, as some divisions had much larger numbers then other ones. 

Evaluators were given a criteria for ranking players and were asked to rank forwards and defence players in order, along with assigning scores. Coaches were asked to do the same procedure so that when the coach presented the final roster to some members of the board for approval, they would have ranked the players in the same way. When teams were selected, no board members who had players in that division were part of the final selection meeting. Having board members review the final team selection helps ensure that players who did not perform well in the rankings and tryouts are not on the roster, and ensure that players who did perform well in the rankings are not excluded from being on the team.    

A goalie evaluation session was also held with on ice and off ice evaluators. Goalies also participated in their respective team tryouts.

We will strive to have a minimum of four evaluators per division next year once again, and have those evaluators follow the tryouts for their division from the first on ice tryout right through to the final tryout. The ranking of players will continue as well as the separate goalie evaluation session. A first skate for the players to get them ready for the skills and drills session is also recommended for September.

It is important for setting up tryouts that players indicate at registration whether or not they are trying out for a rep team since it has a major impact on scheduling ice sessions, coaches and referees, and evaluators right through the tryout process. We do not want more then 30 skaters or 4 goalies on the ice for a tryout in a group as it is too difficult to fairly evaluate the players. So if we know there are more than 30 skaters trying out for a team we will likely split them into two groups initially.

I would like to personally thank all those board members, coaches, and evaluators who spent many hours at the rink over a two to three week tryout process, some for up to 8 hours a day on the weekends. Special thanks to Sheri Campbell, who spends many hours organizing tryout lists, pinnies and organizing evaluators scoring sheets. It is a thankless job but an important one to ensure players who wish to tryout for rep teams all the opportunity to be fairly evaluated.

Shane Ryan
Evaluation Coordinator NSDMHA   

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