Novice Report - 2016-2017

2017/6/6 18:33

Novice Report

Thanks goes out to all the parents  Cheryl Rendell ( off ice coordinator) ,coachs ,guardians, ticket coordinators, and those who volunteered their time with the novice program.

We had an influx of new kids this past season , at times as many as 40 kids were on the ice at the same time.

Our novice division was divided into 3 groupings, players starting out in the initiation program started out in novice 1, a large number of that group were 4 yr olds. In total 99 kids participated in the novice division.

Our regular ice times were monday at 5 , wed 5&6 and sat morn at 8 til 11. Ice times were divided between the emera centre and the Sydney Mines rink, we had some extra sat afternoon sessions, at the two rinks .

Our novice 3 division was divided into 2 intermediate teams, they played some games and won them with ease , it was decided to reorganize the teams into intermediate and advanced teams.

The novice 3 teams attended 2 tournaments, one at christmas and one at seasons end, novice 2 competed in the kids against cancer tournament.

Thank You
Joe Peck

Updated: 2017/6/8 12:34
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