AGM Minutes- 2017

2018/4/29 14:56

AGM 2017

32 Eligible voting members were in attendance
6 Non-voting members attended the meeting

Meeting was brought to order by John Hardy, 7 pm it was Motioned by Gord McGean to close registration, 2nd by Charlie. All were in favor.
John Hardy (President) gave his presidents report and thanked all volunteers, board of Directors, Coaches, Ticket Coordinators and anyone who donated time in any capacity to NSDMH.
The Presidents report acknowledged John MacPhee for receiving the HNS Development Coordinator of the Year award for all his efforts to introduce the new technologies to our players and coaches.
The Presidents report acknowledged the individual awards selected this year.
 Long Term Service Award- Cheryl Rendell,
 Metro Coach- Paul Gale,
Rep Coach of the Year – Blain Penny,
Trainer of the year- Terry Higgins
Manager of the year- Kim Gale & Bev Swan Co recipients
Volunteer of the year- Mike Bishop

The Year End reports and AGM minutes were posted on our Website as per a suggestion from the membership two weeks prior to the AGM.
Midget Report- Mike Bishop Coordinator
Bantam Report- Charlie Johnson
Peewee Report- Blain Penny
Atom Report- Scott MacMullin
Novice Report- Cheryl Rendell (off Ice Coordinator)
Financial Report- Gord McGean (Treasurer) presented this report as it’s content is only for the review of membership
Registrar Report- Carla Carmichael
Certification Report- Sheri Campbell
Development-  John MacPhee

 President gave the floor an opportunity to ask any questions on the Division Coordinators reports as well as the Presidents Report.  Hearing no questions, the meeting continued.
Registrars Report
John asked Carla to give a recap of the Registrars report Carla recapped the numbers for this season and the breakdown of the funds associated with our numbers.   break down of what the projections were for next season
Projections for 2017-2018
Midget- 52    included in number potential of 4 goalies
Bantam- 52   included in number potential of 8 goalies
Peewee- 40   included in number potential of 3 goalies
Atom- 50        included in number potential of 2 goalies
Novice- 47
Initiation- 26
Eligible to return 267 members
Question: Can New Coaches who are previously certified but do not get a team to coach the next year be kept in a data base so if we require coaches you have that pool to draw from.
Answer:  John Hardy stated that we did start keeping a data base of potential coaches that do not get awarded teams incase we can give their names to Head Coaches.
Sheri Clarified that the Head Coach selects his coaching staff and if there is an opportunity to use the others on the list we pass on those names to Head Coaches. 
Question:  Did the Ice Cost go down this year over last?
Answer:  No there was No change in the Ice rental cost., the slight variance that you see was because we had more storm days and cancellations.

Financial Report:
Was completed by Lyndon Johnston, we want to thank him for his volunteer service to help us complete this report.
Richard Hannem was thanked for all the past years of volunteer service with our association as Treasurer and completion of the Financial Reports.
Gordie discussed the expenditure to development equipment:
Question from the floor, how much was this equipment used.
 Answer: John MacPhee: approximated 1/3 of the teams use it.  The question talked about the availability in SM rink, John explained that it should be always available to coaches for use and he is offered his services to attend any practice to assist.
The Treasurer went through the financial statement Item by item and opened the floor for questions.
Question: Does the board have the money invested?
Answer:  No, we do not invest the money as it would come with risk.
Question: The tournament money? Will that revenue carry forward for next year incase there is more tournaments being held?
Answer:  The revenue generated from the tournament fee’s is not over and above the tournament expenses. There is usually a break even or sometimes a loss in order to host tournaments.
Question:  Do you have a breakdown of the cost of Ice between both rinks?
Answer: (Carla) We rent 23.5 hours in NS and 26hr first half of the year and 25hr second half in SM.  Cost of the Ice is the same in both arena’s
Question: Did the board consider renting Ice in another arena other than NS or SM, with Membertou open we should be able to get a better rate?
Answer: (Carla) We get the Minor Hockey rate and there are no other rinks in CBRM have offer a better rate than our two rinks do.  I’m in constant contact with Glace Bay and Sydney Minor Hockey offices and we have the lowest rate.   If we were paying a higher rate we would definitely have a bargaining tool but luckily, we don’t have that issue.
Question:  Donation for 2016 was that our last donation to the Emera Centre?
Answer:  Yes, that obligation is done
Motioned by Blair MacKenzie to accept the financial statement as presented, 2nd by Joe Peck.  All were in favor. Motion carried.
By Laws were updated on the website for members to review a few items that needed updates, the Board had a committee working on that, there wasn’t many changes but they will need to be passed at this AGM to move forward.
Question: A member noticed that the new bylaw stated that at any future AGM meetings there would no longer be any nominations coming from the floor for Board of Directors positions, it would be done only by a nominating committee.
Answer: ( Gordie)  That was left in there by error and it would never be the boards intention not to allow nominations to come from the floor during the AGM and if these changes are approved tonight we will revise the By-Laws on the Website to reflect that change.
Question: A member also noted that the time should read 7:10 pm close for eligibility to vote at the AGM not 6:50pm
Answer:  That will also be revised in the by-laws on the website if we motion and pass these By-laws
If there are not further questions on the By-law updates we will call for motion
Motioned by Joe Peck to accept the By-laws with the revisions 2nd by Charlie Johnson
Question on the Motion –  Can a mass email be sent out to all membership to announce meeting times for the AGM because we send out receipts that way?
Answer: (Carla) The receipts that the membership receives come from the Hockey Canada Registry for receipts only.  We do not have the capability of using that avenue to do a mass email.
We do however have a NSDMH facebook page now, maybe that would be a better place to advertise the AGM?
Member stated that she sent a message to the facebook page and didn’t get a response.
Answer(Cheryl) stated that she would have to take the responsibility for that one as she was in hospital and didn’t see the posting
Discussion occurred and it was decided that our website and social media. Ie facebook would be the best avenues to advertise this.
All members were in favor of the motion.

New Business

Blair MacKenzie was asked to hold his two questions until New Business so John H addressed his questions first.
Question 1: Can we offer a discount to Goaltenders to entice more players to become goalies.
Answer: (John H) NSDMH is going to offer from Atom to Midget a full refund towards next year’s registration.  So, you pay up front and if you stay with Goalie for the season you will be awarded a refund of your registration amount.   We are in keeping with Hockey Canada efforts to encourage multiply players to try goalie so we have lots of gear for kids to try at that level. So, no refund will be awarded to those players.
Question 2:  On Development the addition of the video equipment, ipads TV’s etc. were great but he also has issue with access.  He stated that it could eat up 20 minutes of practice trying to find someone with a key in SM rink. There needs to be a better solution to be able to use that stuff.
Answer: (John Mac) Those are all problems that we tried to address when we were implementing this system, It was decided that if coaches had to ask for a key we would have a better control over it, but if there are issues we will have to sort that out and all of these suggestions were good ones and will be addressed.
Question 3; All groups in Novice have to start using the boards for development. Blair expressed his frustration with showing up and the boards not being up.
Answer: (John H) This board of directors recognize that the dividers need to be up for development at Novice, we do see that we will have to try to set something up with the rink operators to set them up either early Saturday morning or Friday night. There might be a cost associated with it.   Blair also stated that we need to invest for a set for SM rink.   Storage in SM rink was mentioned as a potential issue there.    The new board of directors will have to look at that issue and enforce the guidelines that are being put out by HNS for the Novice Program.
John H stated that he will be calling on Fred Howard later in the meeting to address the HNS guidelines for Novice Hockey next year and hopefully some of these answers will be addressed.
Question: A member asked was it mandatory this season to have the divider boards up?
Answer:  No, while it was highly recommended by all development people in HNS it was only a suggestion for this season
Fred Howard was asked by John H to update the membership on the upcoming season for Novice with Half Ice regulations.
Fred announced that for the upcoming 2017-2018 season Novice will not be permitted to use full Ice until after January 15th.  At that time, they will be permitted to hold 15 games at full Ice including any tournament games.  The expectation is that for 2018-2019 season there will be No Full Ice games.
Further Discussion occurred surrounding the Novice program and the best methods for development. So Next season the Boards will be used for all Novice Hockey. 
Question: Will all the associations in CBRM being following the same format for Novice Hockey?
Answer: ( fred Howard)  Any team registered un HNS will be following the same format.  Ken Tracey will be the monitor for HNS for the Novice program in our area
Question:  The goalie adjustment from a big net to small net will be an issue, will you be changing the size of the net.
Answer:  No, the intention was not to change the size of the net but perhaps put and insert in there to diminish the size of the scoring zone.
Question:  Would it make sense that some older players could double up practice time by using the dividers as well.
Answer:  It could be done for sure and it would be a coach’s option.
Question: Sandy Kerr, Daryl Baxendale was the female coordinator but is no longer in that role has anyone else taken on that job?
Answer:  We have put it out there to the membership in search of a Female Coordinator and did not receive a response so between John H and Carla we have been trying our best to get the information to the membership.  We do not need to have a board member fill this position.  We would love if someone would step up to take this on.   John invited Sandy to stay after the meeting to provide her information if she was interested in doing this job.  John assured Sandy that she would have the support of the Board if she fills this role.
Question:  Is there a way to get the message out that we have Goalie Clinics every Sunday
Answer (John) It is on our schedule every Sunday morning as well as the coaches are aware and are suppose to be promoting it.
Question: Peewee Division, will we be going with a Peewee AAA team next year?
Answers:  the process is to wait for registration numbers to be finalized, we won’t have the numbers outlined by HNS to be AAA however exceptions are made based on the group of players and other factors.
Lengthy Discussion occurred about the Peewee Division: surrounding the best decision for all the players because some believe that while some would benefit others would suffer by offering AAA teams.  “B” hockey would solve a lot of issues. There was a difference of opinion on the best way to move forward with our peewee group.  Some felt that even at C our teams should be made based on skill rather than evenly divide the teams, others believe evenly divided house teams are the way to go. Parents sent in letters requesting that we have AAA, the remaining parents wrote in to say we want to be A, after discussion it was granted by the Board and HNS and soon after some of those same parents were upset and said they want to be B.  With No B teams to play locally it presented another problem.  The risk we run with not offering the higher level of hockey is that we will lose players to other associations.
Question: Can we talk about Fund raising?
Answer: (John H) Yes, we can discuss it. Last year it was brought up and it was told that if any team wants to do fundraising outside of our major fundraiser i.e. 50/50 draw they could submit in writing to the Board a request and it would be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Question:  can we move to 10 in a book rather than 5. Glace Bay tickets are packaged that way, it might increase sales
Answer:  Our current license is for 5 in a book but it could be looked at and discussed by next years board to see if there would be a benefit.
Question: Ticket Draw Sunday is it possible to look at teams to participate as a fund raiser to rip tickets? In Glace Bay they give $200 to a team each week to help out.
Discussion occurred – pro’s and cons were discussed
Answer: The Board of Directors would have to review if there was to be any payouts from our ticket draw directed to teams as a fund raiser.
Question: Could we use a portion of the .25 that was going to the Emera to go back to the Teams as a fund raiser.
Answer:  This year we could give $1 per book back to the player
Question: Do we have outside people selling tickets for us
Answer: yes, we do
Question:  Donations to teams, do they fall under the fund-raising criteria.
Answer:  yes, it does, because it disadvantages some kids with similar struggles on other teams. Plus it could enhance a selection of a player to make a team based on what they can bring.
Question:  Why is the board so fixated on not letting teams raise money, it makes no sense. It is taking nothing from the association?
Answer:  We have tried to explain our policy that our 50/50 ticket draw is how we ask our community to support us. We have been asked questions over the years about all the money it generates and why do we still need to fund raise. So, it was made a policy that we do not hit the community with another fundraiser.
Question: Why is it necessary to raise money, I have coached in this association for 19 years and we never had any fundraisers, we still attended tournaments etc. it was never a problem and if there was an issue we handled it as a team.
Answer:  Good Point Sir
Question: How many letters did you receive this year with proposals for fundraiser?  Because what I heard from last year you would be open to looking at all proposals, so how many did you get
Answer : None and one of our Board Members told the team that was interested to do one up and it didn’t happen.
Question: Where should all email go to this association.
Answer:  To  which is the office and it will be directed from there.
Question: Is there any consideration to pay in installments
Answers:  We prefer to pay in full, however we will consider any situation and treat it on a private individual basis.

Election of Office
Board positions that are up Cheryl Rendell, Shane Ryan, Sheri Campbell, Charlie Johnson, Harold Marsh, Peter Keagan, Scott MacMullin, John MacPhee
Sheri Campbell         (re-elected)                                     Rob Hardy  ( declined)
Cheryl Rendell           (re-elected)                                     Cory Hull    ( declined)
John MacPhee          (re-elected)                                    
Peggy MacDonald      (   elected)
Scott MacMullin       (re-elected)
Peter Keagan             (re-elected)
Shane Ryan                (re-elected)
Blair MacKenzie
Harold Marsh            (re-elected)

Election of Executive
President Nominations
Joe Peck    - Accepted                                                         Declined- John Macphee
                                                                                                                                           John Hardy              
Vice President
Mike Bishop-   Accepted

Cheryl Rendell-  Accepted

Gordie McGean-  Accepted
Motioned by Blair MacKenzie to adjourn 2nd by Peggy MacDonald

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