Proposed By Law Changes

2018/5/15 22:41

By law 1 membership 

To be added to this is you may only be appointed to the board of directors if you have a child registered in minor hockey ( vested interest ) unless there isn't enough people to fill the spots with a child in minor hockey in Northside Minor hockey may it open up to non vested people to hold a spot on the board of directors . The only position that may be filled without a child in minor hockey is position of secretary and a paid development position. 

By law 1 c the association may be comprised of board of directors ,coaches and members in good standing as defined in (d)

By law 4 b and c to change to maximum 9 elected members and positions to be 1 year term to start this year with all 9 positions up for election including president to be elected at large and also up each year . Bored of directors can only serve two terms and can only be reelected for a third term without having a year off if there isn't enough interest to fill the spots for the board. 

4 g directors must attend 75 % of all meetings of the board of directors and of the association and shall not be absent for 2 consecutive meetings .

6 a any member at large may run for president of the association and does not have to have served on the board of directors . 

13 a competitive tryouts coordinated by the board of directors to appoint a person to be paid and lodged for a week , to come in from outside cape Breton area to watch all tryouts and select each competitive team. Coach selection for competitive teams to be interviewed and selected by the guy selected to pick the teams from outside cape Breton . For c or non competitive to be interviewed and selected by the board of directors . 

By law 13 development to become a paid position of a qualified person with an extensive hockey back ground to work with coaches and players on a schedule set out by the board of directors to improve development in out minor hockey association . The pay to be negotiated  in the vicinity of 5000 per year . Must not sit on the board and must attend meetings of the board when asked and to provide feed back on players to coaches and the board every two weeks .

For policy and procedures under   sweater policy will be as follows .  Sweaters will be assigned to A player parent  will be responsible to ensure the player always has their home and away jersey at each game .it is the parents responsibility to put name bars on and take name bars off . It is the parents responsibility to return in the same condition or they will be charged for the cost of a replacement sweater or sweaters .

Tournament to be coordinated by the teams and available at any rink at any time ice is available in whatever format they choose under hockey Nova Scotia rules . Cost per team to be reviewed by team and the board of directors .

Co-ordinations to go to 1 rep and 1 house and 1 novice 

Fundraising  to become wide open for teams to be able to fundraise in any way they want to help parents with added costs of tournaments and travel . 

Weekly 50/50 to become team responsibility a different team will run the 50/50 draw each week through out the year and the team running the 50/50 draw for the week will receive 350 dollars for doing so to go in the team account . The 50/50 will move from having a team ticket coordinator to having 1 book at the office for 50/50 collection with tickets being able to be dropped off during regular office hours to office secretary or to be dropped off draw day to the team in charge of the draw that week . Draw to be done each week at 4 pm and can be dropped off that day from 12-4 in Scotia bank room . Each child to sell 4 books minimum or 6 books for multiple child families the amount per book to increase to 1dollar back to the child from the current 75 cents . Each child will be charged back 2.50 per book for each book short each week .

Submitted by Blair MacKenzie

Updated: 2018/5/16 14:05
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