President's Message

2018/5/16 18:07

First, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the 2017-2018 hockey season.

During my time in the NSDMHA, a lot has been accomplished. Some of the highlights include 2 rival associations being amalgamated, the 50/50 draw has flourished, the Emera center was built, the Sydney Mines rink installed a new ice surface, a permanent hockey office was established, the association won the Kraft 'Hockey Goes On' contest, and we were the first association to get the rinks open early in the season.

Monies were spent on electronic teaching aids and new jerseys. Our registration costs are low, and we have a high player retention rate. And we still have money in the bank.

This success doesn't mean that there can't be new ideas or improvements. It's time for new people to come forward to expand on the success, as I am passed my “best before date”. I do feel that there will be no progress without some change.

Presidents have come and gone, and the association has never faltered. Hopefully, the pattern will continue.

Thanks for everything
Joe Peck

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