Presidents Report - 2018-2019

2019/3/27 13:05

I hope the 2018-2019 season on the Northside was a fun and challenging year for our players. Our Board of Directors started the season early in August finalizing the details for outside Development Co-ordinators to facilitate our Development Program for the year. A considerable amount of time and effort went into getting this program started. This program was a pilot program for the Northside, with the benefits to be evaluated at the end of the season. When our Board first considered going outside for Development, we knew that it should be a long term commitment, in order to see the benefits for the players. We knew there would be some challenges that would need to be worked through, to make the program better. I would like to thank the Development Team (Gerard Laffin, Chris Osmond and Cody Roland) who did an excellent job throughout the season teaching our players the fundamental skills required to further their development.

While we did not see the benefits of our Development program in the win column, it was evident by looking at each player’s improvement during the course of the year. I think we are very fortunate to have Level 1 coaches teaching our players, and this was evident by looking at each player’s progression. I think there is value in continuing with the Development Program for next year, as long as it is financially sustainable.

I would like to thank all of our Board members who volunteered a tremendous amount of time this year to ensure it was a successful season on the Northside. I would like to thank all of our coaches, trainers, and managers   for their commitment to our organization. I would like to thank all our players and parents for selling our even split tickets, which is fundamentally important to keeping the cost of our registration down. I would like to thank everyone that volunteered at the ticket draw every Sunday.

I would like to thank our membership for the opportunity to be President of our organization. In closing I would like to thank Carla Carmichael, our office Adminstrator who made my job easy.  Carla is a valuable asset to our organization, as she keeps things running smoothly.

Mike Bishop

President NSDMHA


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