Bantam Report - 2018-2019

2019/3/27 13:06

This season NSDMHA iced two teams in the Bantam division, one in AA and one in C.  Due to low numbers in the division it was a challenging year for both teams.

  With a team comprised of a lot of first year players we knew it would be difficult in the win column as it is a major jump from Peewee. The size of players, speed of the game and level of play increases at the Bantam level. 

We must remember wins do not define success. Winning is nice and keeps morale up, however, there are other variables to look at from start to finish. From games I attended this year I noticed improvement in passing, decision making with and without the puck, on-ice communication between the players, positioning in both the offensive and defensive zone, work ethic and body language. The last being very important as it is very difficult keeping your emotions in check at this age. With any team I have been involved with I have always told the players I can handle a loss if they have put in an honest effort. 

I applaud the work Blaine Penny, Head Coach for AA and Richard Hannem, Coach for C have put in this year with their teams. Behind every good Head Coach is a good coaching staff, thank you to your respective bench staffs. Thank you to all who invested their time into each team. A lot of time, preparation and commitment goes into running a team.

  To the players. Thank you for commitment and effort you have put in this year. You have all represented NSDMHA with class. After a long season I encourage you all to take the summer off from hokey and get involved in other activities. Other sports and interests are what shape and make a hockey player. Hit the reset button and come back fresh for Fall 2019! 

With the number of returning players from Bantam and first year players graduating from Peewee I am confident the Bantam division will be successful in the 2019-2020 season!
See you at the rink
Marc Lyle

Updated: 2019/4/23 17:24
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