Atom Report - 2018-2019

2019/3/27 13:06

2018-2019 Atom Division Report

I would like to thank head coaches Alex Johnson, Matthew Eveleigh & Ryan Ivey and their coaching staff for their hard work, time & dedication to the Atom players this past season.

Although our AA & A teams had a challenging season on the scoreboard, our players kept a positive attitude and a smile on their face all season long. It’s never easy losing games but the improvement in our players individually on ice and off ice as teammates will certainly help them moving forward in their hockey careers.

Our Atom C team coached by Ryan Ivey had a very successful season, winning the Cape Breton League Atom C Championship along with coming within a goal of the finals of the Leah Dugas Memorial Cancer Tournament.

I would also like to thank our development team, Gerard Laffin, Chris Osmond & Cody Roland for their time & dedication working with our atom groups this season. Both coaches & players have seen the benefit of additional ice time, drills and practice structures.

Hope everyone has a great summer, see you all in September.


Respectively Submitted by Nathan Cantwell

Atom Coordinator

Updated: 2019/4/25 23:20
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