Novice Report - 2018-2019

2019/3/27 13:07

The Novice division saw many changes this past season. Change often times is met with uncertainty but, this year, with the help of the players, coaches, managers, and other volunteers that uncertainty smoothly transformed into success.

This year brought about the implementation of half ice hockey in the Novice 3 division. Shane Petite took the lead with this group, which, in the end  was comprised of 3 teams (1 advancing, 2 intermediate). Our teams showed tremendous skill during their games and they participated in various tournaments throughout the season.  I firmly believe the half ice games did in fact accomplish the goal of more puck touches and an increased fun for the entire group of players. 

The novice 2 group was headed by Graham Carmichael and he and his group of coaches did a tremendous job leading this program.  The progress shown in this particular group of players was noticed by many on and off the ice.

The Initiation group (formerly novice 1), was separated into two equal groups this season.  The Penguins were led by Brian Long, while I looked after the Sharks Group.  This year saw the regular use of newly purchased dividers. These dividers enabled stations to be more distinct and allow for an easier flow to the delivery of the program. On top of their regular practices, the initiation groups participated in various jamborees and other activities throughout the year. Overall I believe it was a very successful year and many parents echoed that sentiment.

With the addition of a development team we are determined to grow our novice program into one that breeds successful skill building but also one that remains focused on fun. The new players really seemed to enjoy the practices/games and we hope they have found that “love of hockey”.  The returning players worked very hard all year and we hope that “love” is stronger than ever. 

With change comes growth and on behalf of Carol and Sandy, I once again thank all the people involved this year for rolling with the changes and trusting the process.  


Adam Daye


Updated: 2019/4/25 17:40
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