Presidents Report

2021/7/19 17:40

President’s Message

Pandemic, unprecedented, new normal, restrictions, quarantine and lock-down are just some of the terms we became familiar with this past hockey season. Continuously we encountered changes with new rules and restrictions. We certainly, in September had no idea where the season would take us.

NSDMH always celebrates our players, coaches, and parents to the fullest. This season we know and recognise we could never have made it happen without you. Our volunteers were the driving force in making it possible to keep our players in the rinks and on the ice. Each and every member of our association who helped in any way this past season deserves a pat on the back.

Our players -- you registered this year not knowing what hockey would look like. You came to practices and development ice not knowing if you would ever play a game. You started playing games without the usual gathering of friends and family and at some points played games in an empty arena. Tournaments, trips and even team pizza parties were not possible. Please know you showed resilience and maturity in looking after yourselves and we noticed and applauded.

Our coaches and bench staff -- you signed on for a year of uncertainty. Everytime a new rule, restriction or guideline was thrown at us you supported your players and took on the extra work needed to keep them on the ice. Our managers and safety persons became every player's “parent” the moment the door to the rink closed behind them. There are no words to thank you as you deserve.

Our rinks -- Both the Emera Centre and the Sydney Mines Rink were instrumental in keeping our hockey program running this year. As establishments they faced their own uncertainties with opening for the season. They were committed to keeping our membership safe.

Hockey Nova Scotia -- Our Regional Director, Guy Reid and all at HNS worked tirelessly to regroup and keep us informed each and every time a new government guideline came out, and often it was weekly. A lot of work has gone into keeping Nova Scotia hockey players on the ice and will continue into the new season. It is a large team of people who work together for all hockey players in Nova Scotia.

Our volunteers -- There is a group of volunteers in NSDMH who have no specific title but we couldn’t operate without them. These volunteers kept our ticket draw running, made sure all players were signed into the arenas and overall were standing by when needed. The spotlight doesn’t shine on these amazing people, but it should.

Our Officials -- On and Off Ice Officials are needed to make hockey games happen. Like players these men and women didn’t know from one day to the next if games would be played. With every change in restrictions our Referee in Chief kept our officials scheduled and up to date on procedures for playing the game. Keeping games meaningful couldn’t have happened without their continuous commitment to the game.

Our Board of Directors -- We knew it would be a task to have a hockey program. So much of our early meetings was us having questions but no answers. Nothing worked the same as it didin the past. At times it felt like we were having a first ever year of hockey and there was no operation manual. The endless hours and never ending determination paid off, we had players on the ice until the bitter end.

Next season isn’t clearly laid out. We will once again have some “new normals” Have trust and faith in our association. We have the dedicated volunteers needed to make it happen. What our hockey program will look like will depend on Public Health, HNS and local operations. NSDMH is committed to keeping our hockey players playing the game we, as a community, love. We look forward to seeing all our members in the rink next season.

Yours in Hockey Sheri Campbell President, NSDMH

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