Bantam Report 2020-2021

2021/7/19 17:46

This year was a very difficult situation with covid once again affecting our normal hockey activities.  I would like to thank Todd Higgins and Mick Young along with their coaching staff and managers for putting time in this year. Some people may take it for granted but I know how much time it takes to make sure these kids have someone to help them and without you they would not be able to play.


The Bantam metro division this year on the Northside never had the wins they were hoping for but for a team of  first year players to the division and some first year players to ever play the game they overachieved. I was lucky enough to see some games before my practice and they came along way with several ties and most games losing by 1 or 2 goals. Our coach Todd Higgins also won metro coach of the year which was well deserved. He was able to make things fun for these kids and you could tell they really enjoyed each other and going to the rink.


Our Bantam A had a great year on the Northside finishing in the top 3 in regular season and had a great playoffs only losing to the top 2 teams as well.


The bantam AA had a great year as well finishing in the middle of a very competitive division. The playoffs didn't go as planned with a tie and losing every game by a goal.


Most importantly I would like to thank the kids and their parents. Obviously without you these memories would not be made possible. I hope to see everyone back next year and good luck to the kids moving up, hopefully we can back to normal and have great year of hockey and even have some tournaments.


Blaine Penny

Bantam co-ordinator 

Updated: 2021/7/19 19:46
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