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2022/6/21 0:46

The Northside District Minor Hockey Association (NSDMH) is a non-profit organization that provide minor hockey programming for approximately 350 youth, ranging in ages from 4 years to 18 years, from our surrounding communities. NSDMH operates under the governance of Hockey Nova Scotia. The association is run by an elected volunteer board of directors, volunteers and a small staff.


NSDMH is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Technical Director for the leadership, execution, and administration of the Hockey Development Program for our association. The goal of this program is to improve the skill level of all participants, focusing on hockey specifically but with broader applicability to the development of young citizens. The program should be flexible enough to address children of all ages and abilities. It should also include a component that improves our coaches’ abilities to support development of their players.

  1. The following submission guidelines and requirements apply to this Request for Proposal (RPF)
        1. Only qualified applicants with prior experience in providing programs such as this should respond to this Request for Proposal.
        2. Applicants who plan to submit a proposal should confirm their intention via email to NSDMH Office ( no later than 5pm July 17th,  2022.
        3. A submitted proposal must be provided that is not more than 20 pages. This proposal should provide an overview of the proposed program(s). An addendum should be attached that includes supplementary information such as a C.V.
        4. The proposal must be signed by the representatives authorized to commit to the proposal.
        5. If a standard of terms and conditions is required, those must be submitted with the proposal. (i.e salary expectations) All terms and conditions will be subject to negotiation.
        6. Detailed proposals must be submitted by 5pm on July 17th, 2022 to be considered. All submissions should be sent electronically to
        7. Proposals must remain valid for a period of at least 90 days.
        8. All RFPs will be evaluated on a broad range of criteria and not solely based on price.
        9. Information received by the NSDMH from the interested parties will remain confidential. At the same time, NSDMH requests that information pertaining to this solicitation, including any additional documentation provided to the Applicant, is confidential and must not be disclosed without the written authorization of the NSDMH Board of Directors. Pricing and related information provided to the NSDMH, by the Applicant shall remain confidential.
        10. The successful Applicant / RFP will be selected by a committee appointed by the NSDMH board of directors.


  1. Development:
        1. Develop and execute a broad-based program focused on the development of hockey skills, concentrating on leading on and off-ice clinics and programs designed to assist, educate, and develop our players into better hockey players and citizens.
        2. Create and document a Hockey Development Program that reflects short-term and long term goals, including evaluation criteria that reflects the various levels and age groups within the Association.
        3. Create buy-in at the coach/parent/player level to create support for the development program’s vision and goals.
        4. Ensure the program being implemented is aligned with Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development Program.
        5. Development and implementation of skills-based clinics to be run off-season, in situations where the board determines them to be appropriate.
        6. Make sure the program includes speciality training where appropriate (goalies) as well as skills specific programming (skating instruction) for the entire group.
        7. Manage the try out process to facilitate and establish competitive teams.
        8. Execute on-ice programs designed for specific skills. (checking clinics)
        9. Report to the Board of Directors on a regular basis as to the progress of development as compared to the plan as approved.
        10. Establish future Development goals (for both competitive and non-competitive programs), always ensuring that we remain fully aligned to Hockey Canada’s Long-Term Development Program.
        11. Update the development program on an annual basis, ensuring that it remains forward thinking and up to date with the Hockey Canada Long-Term Development. 
  1. Coaching Mentorship.
          1. Assist Coach selection committee.
          2. Support coaches in their understanding the goals and implementation of the Development Program.
          3. Observe practices and give direction on how coaches can be more effective at achieving the development goals.
          4. Ensure the proper training and use of online training tools.
          5. Recruit knowledgeable coaches and sit on the coach selection committee
          6. Work with the Board of Directors to extend coaching programs into non-competitive leagues (at a minimum to ensure coaches are working towards the right development goals)
        1. Evaluations and Team Selections
        1. Develop and implement evaluations for all NSDMH divisions.
        2. Work with the ice coordinator to ensure ice is secured for tryouts.
        3. Secure on-ice leads and evaluators for the tryout process.
        4. Establish a transparent player selection process for competitive team selections.
        5. Work with appropriate administrative persons to ensure the tryout registration occurs and is well managed.
        6. Work with the Referee in Charge to ensure officials are booked for all tryout sessions if needed.
        7. Work as the facilitator for all tryouts including managing discussions related to team selection process.
      1. Administrative / Communication
            1. Strive to maintain excellent working relationships with all coaches and NSDMH Board members.
            2. Establish an annual development plan to be approved by NSDMH.
            3. Distribute material related to hockey development to NSDMH coaches/players and communicate professionally with all members of NSDMH.
            4. Attend NSDMH Board Meeting as required.
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