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Vikings LogoWelcome to the Northside & District Minor Hockey Association. Our Association will be as always committed to providing hockey for children in a fun and safe environment.

The Northside & District Minor Hockey Association will be administered by an elected 15 member Board of Directors which will have representation from all geographical areas under our jurisdiction. The Board of Directors will oversee and operate all hockey activities for its members. All decisions concerning the operation of the Northside & District Minor Hockey are made by the Board.

When the association decided to amalgamate there was a contest for the new name and logo for the association and the chosen logo of the vikings on the ship are explained by the chosen entry of Corey Musgrave as follows:

The Vikings were a strong, brave people who were not afraid to explore new waters (amalgamation).  They realized that by cooperating, they could become much stronger and better.  Each of the five people on the boat represent one of the Northside communities, North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Bras d'or, Florence and Boularderie.  The water and boat represent the importance fo the sea in our everyday lives while the hockey stickes for oars represent the sport itself.  The colors, green, gold and white are consistent with the Memorial Marauders High School Hockey Team.  Thank you again Corey for a GREAT selection.

Please Note: If you have any questions for the Office, Division Coordinators or Members of the Board of Directors please call or email the office at the below contact info.

Board of Directors 2020-2021 Season

Sheri Campbell ( President)

Joe Peck   ( Vice President)

Ryan Ivey          ( Treasurer)

Cheryl Rendell  ( Board Secretary)

Blain Penny

Bantam Coordinator

Brian LongEquipment Coordinator

Conrad Young                                   
Peewee Coordinator

Nathan Cantwell

Atom Coordinator

Peter MacDonald                                                      

Novice Coordinator

Bev Swan 

Carla Carmichael

Office Adminstrator/Registrar (902) 736-0356
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